Creative & Imaginative Dance Studio

Founded in 2016, Creative & Imaginative Dance Studio is the first modern dance company in Fujian Province. It currently has 5 full-time dancers with a concentration on modern dance, particularly new creation and training. The Studio regularly organizes modern dance workshops, master-classes, training camp, as well as dance courses with an aim to promote modern dance. In 2018, the Studio successfully organized an evening performance titled “Dialogue of Life”, and itsworks had appeared on stages of Fujian Dance Competition and Beijing Dance Festival. The Studio consistently brings new blood to the local modern dance community and has enriched its platform by frequent communication with dancers from different origin.

Contact person: CHEN Wencong
Address: 7/F, Yongxing Building, Shiziting Road, Cangshan District, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China
TEL: (+86) 152-8009-0237