Ergao Dance Production Group

Ergao Dance Production Group (EDPG) was founded by dancer/choreographer ErGao (HE Qi-wo) in Guangzhou, China in 2007. EDPG, a dance center, produces dance works with a focus on dance theatre, dance film, community art and dance education.

EDPG’s dance productions prioritizes dance theatre, dance film and community art; at its ‘core’, the body is the site of artistic investigation and the primary medium of work. The work uses diverse strategies to explore Chinese social and cultural identities, sex, gender and other topics. The dance center focuses on the participation and creative processes of non-professional dancers, providing dancers with the opportunity to explore movement in different social and cultural sites, creating a self-determined community and dance space.

Contact person:PAN Xiong
Address:C8-18 Fuli Dongdiwan, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
TEL:(+86) 181-4482-1015