WOO Dance Company

Founded by WU Hongzhi in 2013, WOO Dance Company (f.k.a. Qianfeng Modern Dance Company) is the first professional modern dance troupe in Guizhou Province. After more than 6 years of exploration, the Company has taken root in Guiyang City, the dance capital of China, and has observed the local culture with a global vision. The Company applies Guizhou’s unique ethnic, regional, and ecological cultures as well as an internationalized artistic language in the creative process with aims to establish a modern cultural symbol of Guizhou and to become the carrier of Guizhou stories.

Contact person: WU Hongzhi
Address: No.1, 16/F Shengpeng Building, #128, Ruijin North Lu, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province, China
TEL: (+86) 156-9271-9162