YI Lin Dance

Yi Lin Dance is a company that dedicates to choreography and cultural event plannning. It also provides services of art examination training, event photography, costume rental, as well as TV and film production.

Yi Lin’s Art Examination Training Center has been a leader of its kind for many years for many of its students rank among the top in the province. The Centre and the team are led by Jin Hua, a graduate of Beijing Dance Academy and an all-round latin and ballroom dance expert. It provides taillored study plan for students, covering both theoretical studies and practice.

The work by Yi Lin’s Business Director, Jin Hua, has been selected to be showcased in the Youth Dance Marathon of Beijing Dance Festival and Hummingbird Dance Festival in Zhuhai. He served as the representative of team “Misster Miss” in the TV production of Dance In Step by Shenzhen TV and was one of the representatives of Beijing Dance Academy to New Taipei City for cross-strait cultural exchange.

Contact person:JIN Hua
Address:D203, 2/F, East Tower, WenhuaCheng, Jiyuan City, Henan Province, China
TEL:(+86) 151-0119-9257