Enigma Dance Arts Creative

Enigma Dance Arts Creative is the first independent art organization based in Kunming, Yunnan that dedicates to bringing diverse creative processes and concepts to the local community. It focuses on the creation of original contemporary dance theatre pieces to propel the innovation and development of contemporary arts. Collaboration and exchange are at the heart of our works. In recent years, we have worked closely with artists and art organizations around the world to establish an international platform for supporting young artists. We offer international master classes as well as an inclusive program with artistic vision and rigorous practice which are available to both professionals and the wider community.

Contact person:YAN Xiaoxiao
Address:601, Block 12, Xinhua Cultural Creative Square, 269 Wujing Road, Guandu District, Kunming City,Yunnan Province, China
TEL: (+86) 138-8816-5659 / (+86) (871) 6583-1111