Good Dance Centre

“Good Dance Centre/ GuWu Theater” was established together with “GuwuDiandian” and “DianDian Corridor”. It has created more than 30 original works in various styles. Since 2001, GDC has participated different international festivals in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Russia. It has also cooperated with artists in Denmark, Holland and Jiangxi of China. GDC was recognized outstanding by receiving “Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and Yokohama Prize” and Yokohama Dance Collection EX by the work Lost Track and “Outstanding Achievement in Independent Production” from Hong KongDance Award 2014 by the work M-cident.

Contact person: XIE Yihai
Address: 3/F, Arts Tower, Xiang Bin Road, Nanning City, China
TEL: (+86) 186-7716-8771