Sanya Maodizhen Media Corporation Limited

Sanya Maodizhen Media Corporation Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hainan Qiongguyiyun Culture Media Co., Ltd. which was established in March 2019 and engaged in social art training, literary and artistic creation and performance, and performing arts planning services.

Sanya Maodizhen Media Corporation Limited has a team of young professionals with strong execution and rich artistic creativity. The major members are teachers and graduates of Hainan University, Sanya College and Hainan Tropical Oceanographic College. The company is committed to the promotion and dissemination of modern dance art in Sanya.

Contact person:ZHANG Mie
Address:C2-301 Sanya Bay Road Blue Sea Blue Sky Phase 3, Tianya District, Sanya City, Hainan Province, China
TEL: (+86) 183-8959-7465