Dancing forward in Shenzhen

The first “Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Dance Festival”, to be presented by the Cultural, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports Bureau and the Cultural Center of Shenzhen Longgang District, to be organized by BeijingDance/LDTX and co-organized by Round House Dance Company and HKDance/FLSH, is scheduled to take place at the Shenzhen Longgang District Cultural Center from December 4 to 8, 2020.

This five-day multi-faceted contemporary dance festival composes of four modules, including the Workshop that will be led by a group of international dance artists, the Forum which is to be hosted by Mr. Willy TSAO, the Showcase which will present outstanding small dance works from all over the country, and the Main Stage which will feature various important dance groups from China and abroad.

The essence of modern dance which emphasizes individuality, originality, the ability to reflect the characteristics of the times, and its diversified and inclusive nature of creativity, meets the cultural needs of Shenzhen, this highly internationalized center of technological innovation. After years of aspiring development, Shenzhen has become increasingly cosmopolitan and its residents are becoming more receptive to different information and culture. Therefore, modern dance is beyond doubt the best cultural and artistic carrier for this city.

As the first professional modern dance festival in Shenzhen, The Greater Bay Dance Festival also looks to extend the enduring legacy and splendid achievements of the Beijing Dance Festival and presents to dance enthusiasts throughout China and the world a feast of arts.

HKDance/FLSH is now inviting Hong Kong dance artists and enthusiasts to take part in this annual festivity, to showcase Hong Kong’s creative powers and its remarkable artistic standard.

For any enquiries regarding Greater Bay Dance Festival, please contact us by email at info@hkflsh.com.